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CCRSR Art. 4.2.1 FIA Baja Cups and Points

In order to score points, competitors must register with the FIA up to the closing date for entries for the first baja for which they wish to score points. Registrations must be made using the entry form available on the FIA website:


The FIA Baja Cups for Teams is reserved for legal entities holding a competitor’s licence. Only registrations with a proof of payment of the registration fee will be accepted. For further information, please refer to V2, Art. 3.1.7, 3.3. to 3.5 of the FIA CCRSR.

If you DONT wish to score points for FIA World Baja Cup but only race in the event, you just send Entry Form and necessary documents to the Organizer. You will be classified in the race results but you will NOT be eligible to score  points for FIA World Baja Cup


 (​Entry Form includes Entry Fees and periods)

 1. Download Entry Form for FIA WORLD BAJA CUP and fill in all required information

​ 2. Send Entry Form and the following documents by email at :

  • Competitors’ (Team) licence, if existing.

  • Driver’s and co-driver’s competition licences (if one of the drivers should be the competitor, he must hold also a competitors’ licence)

  • Driver’s and co-drivers’ ID cards/passports

  • Driver’s and co-drivers’ valid driving licences valid for the vehicle entered.

  • FIA Driver's and co-driver's CCRSR Appendix XI Declaration and Undertakings form

  • ASN authorisation for foreign competitors (not for international racing licences)

  • Car registration papers

  • Car Insurance Policy (E.U.) or Green Card (non-E.U.)

  • FIA Technical Passport of the vehicle

  • Competitors' Equipment Form

  • Team List Form

  • On Board Camera Declaration Form (if existing)

  • Copy of Entry Fee payment

FIA trasparent.png





obligatory documents to be submitted:

  • ​FIA Event Entry Form

  • FIA CCRSR Appendix VI Declaration Form

  • FIA Event Competitors Safety Equipment Form

  • FIA Event Team List Form

  • FIA Event On-Board Camera Declaration (if any)


Contact us for any further information and assistance.

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