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Attica Motorsport Club acquires FIA 1* Environmental Accreditation

Organizers of Baja Greece received from FIA Environmental Accreditation department the 1st Star Certificate for the implementation of policies which comply with the guidelines for protection of environment.

Attica Motorsport Club (AMC), organizer of Baja Greece and Rally Greece Offroad, has started a long process so to improve its procedures on every aspect of activity that take place during motorsport events and to upgrade the positive environmental impact.

The AMC environmental guidelines explain the organisation’s approach to the environmental management of the Baja Greece - Rally Greece Offroad in terms of its operational management such as, among others:

  • the compliance with national and local environmental laws and regulations

  • the promotion of appropriate practices of waste management during the event

  • the waste recollection operations carried out by Waste Management Agency of Western Macedonia

  • the raise of competitors and staff environmental awareness and pollution avoidance.

Attica Motorsport Club is committed to continue its efforts so in the upcoming years to be awarded with the highest 3 star level of FIA Environmental Accreditation.


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