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The National Natural Gas System Operator (DESFA) S.A. is responsible for the operation, management, exploitation and development of the National Natural Gas System and its interconnections, in a technically sound and economically efficient way, in order to best serve its Users with safety, reliability and adequacy.

Contributing decisively to the security of supply and the diversification of supply sources of the wider region, DESFA also facilitates the development of competition in the Greek energy market, while systematically striving for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Possessing extensive experience and having a highly skilled staff, DESFA is a reliable partner in the framework of the ongoing international energy projects in Southeastern Europe.

  • Carbon Footprint

Since its foundation, DESFA is committed to manage all the activities and processes for ensuring protection of the environment, taking into account the principles of sustainability and maximum preservation of natural wealth.

In this context, since 2012, DESFA prepares annually its Carbon Footprint Report, in order to show the management’s commitment, employees and company as a whole, in accordance to the dictates of responsible entrepreneurship.

The carbon footprint estimates the total greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by the organization. Carbon Footprint report constitutes an actual activity report and refers to the previous year.

The quantitative measurement of the Carbon Footprint allows correct environmental management of DESFA’s all processes and maximum preservation of natural wealth. DESFA calculates its carbon footprint, according to the international standard 2050:2011 PAS and the indicators recorded are:

  • Electricity Consumption

  • Gas Consumption

  • Evaporation Losses

  • Gasoline Consumption

  • Oil Consumption

  • On 2011, DESFA was the first European National Gas System Administrator, who recorded its Carbon Footprint. Our Carbon Footprint Report is prepared internally by the staff of the Safety & Quality Division, according to the International standard ISO 14064 series methodology.

  • Our commitment to society and our commitment to the fundamental principles of sustainable development will remain unchanged.

  • We invite you to read the "Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Report "and to learn more about DESFA’s activities and initiatives.

  • Gaseous emissions LNG

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Company Philosophy

We will endeavor to continuously improve our products, and create value for everyone who we work with.

Our Mission

To create excitement and surprise with our products that exceed customer expectations and enriches society.

Our Vision

Our goal is to be company that:

- stays one step ahead of the future through constant technological innovation;

- drives entrepreneurial and creative spirit through a progressive culture; and

- shares in the enjoyment felt by everyone involved in our activities


Our Fundamental Values: "The TOYO WAY"

Fairness Be fair and selfless in one's action to benefit society

Pride Take pride in one's self, work and company, and to persevere

Initiative Show initiative in all matters, and take ownership of one's actions

Appreciation Demonstrate sincere compassion and appreciation for people and society

Solidarity Continuously advance creativity and innovation by working together to mobilize our corporate knowledge and capabilities.

TOYO TIRES exclusive importer and distributor in Greece is TENORA TECHNIKI S.A.

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The port of Piraeus is one of the oldest in the world, having served the city of Athens for over 2500 years. In the last 100 years, the name Moundreas appeared on the maritime landscape of Piraeus port to become today one of its key players. Over the last five decades the company built very strong relationships with partners and shipyards in China, Europe, Japan, and other key maritime hubs around the globe, eventually spreading out to smaller niche ports and shipyards in other parts of the world as well.

Today, Piraeus is the Mediterranean’s busiest port and we’ve evolved with it as we prepare for the 4th generation of the Moundreas family to continue offering the highest level of services in chartering vessels, shipbuilding, repairs, conversions, demolitions, ship management, project management, valuation and more.

To accommodate our continuing business success, we recently moved to bigger offices located in the Northern Athens’ new business hub of Marousi, where many maritime companies have also set up shop. Our company boasts a specialized power team of experts which combines the knowhow and experience of the older generation with the dynamism and globalism of our predominantly young and technology-minded team.

Our mission is to grow and maintain our business relationships without compromising our ethics and values. These include transparency, integrity and unwavering dedication to our strongest asset – our employees.

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mare trasp.png

Mare Management SA, a Geneva Switzerland registered company operating a branch in Piraeus, Greece, has integrated all staff, process, expertise and knowledge of Mare Maritime Corp, which has been providing ship management service since the early 90’s.

Mare Maritime team had over time gained a proven track record of delivering high quality ship management services to some of the most reputed owners in the industry such as ExxonMobil, Odfjell ASA but also financial institutions such as Banque Indosuez (now Credit Agricole), Chemical Bank (now JPMorgan Chase) and Banque Paribas (Suisse). 

Mare Management possesses various proven proprietary world renowned ship management solutions like Danaos and Mare Management Solutions (MMS), harnessing the market’s most sophisticated technology and holds a DOC from DNV GL.


Mare Management mission is to provide efficient, safe and environmentally sustainable ship management services to our clients.

Mare Management operates vessels to competitive, cost-effective operating expense budgets which are regularly compared with industry standards in order to maintain competitiveness. Mare Management has made safety and well-being of the personnel one of its major goals while conducting its activities. As far as health and safety is concerned, the company is committed to providing all personnel with information, equipment and training necessary to carry out their work safely, fully complying with the requirements put forward with international conventions and flag state requirements.

Mare Management and its employees are also committed and dedicated to protection of the environment and to the prevention of pollution. In this line, we have established and implemented safety management systems throughout the fleet in order to minimize negative environmental impacts and guarantee the integrity of our vessel and its cargo.

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