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Starting from 2024, the event changes its name. From this year "BAJA GREECE" is the new name of the FIA event.
"RALLY GREECE OFFROAD" will remain as the name of the National event so to remind the inheritance of this brilliant race.

In 2024 the event run its 11th edition and all members of Organization Committee are proud for the achievements that since 2013 have been accomplished.

BAJA GREECE concept is to offer to competitors a race program with many kilometers of Special Stages with the less possible liaison sections.  At the same time, main goal is to provide the highest possible level of safety along with the traditional Greek hospitality and the original spirit of motorsport. 

Don't forget that in BAJA GREECE all Special Stages are conducted in roads closed to other traffic.

OUR MOTO : Safety - Hospitality - Motorsport Spirit.


In 2013, RALLY GREECE OFFROAD in its 1st edition, was conducted in south part of Greece in the city of Kalavryta in Peloponissos region. With 14 competitors to attend, that edition  was a promising start regarding Organization level and the fact that 6 competitors from Italy trusted us and came to enjoy racing in Greek mountains.

In 2014, RALLY GREECE OFFROAD selects Northwest part of Greece as the area in which Special Stages will be run. Florina (city of West Macedonia Region) becomes the center of the race.
This region was selected for the remarkable mountain roads that offer safety and unlimited kilometers from which Organizers can easily design a spectacular race. In 2014 participants were 21 arriving from Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey.

In 2015, RALLY GREECE OFFROAD starts becoming a really international event. 32 competitors from Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria attend to the race which had again as center the city of Florina.

In 2016, RALLY GREECE OFFROAD was again conducted in Florina and this was the year in which 47 competitors registered for the event and 44 started the race. It is this 4th edition of the rally that made RALLY GREECE OFFROAD well known in all around Europe and not only. Competitors arrived from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Turkey, Serbia and Cyprus and gave an even more international character.

In 2017 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD achieved a high level of organization with more than 100 persons working for the safety and hospitality for competitors and visitors. Also in 2017 Special Stages exceeded 530km. Competitors arriving from several countries faced the longest Special Stage ever made to our rally that approached 100km. More of it, during 2017 edition it was the first time that competitors faced mud in Special Stages.  Once again Florina was the center of the race.
In 2018 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD changes location of race center and moves to the beautiful Kastoria. This change was welcomed by all competitors. Kastoria and its remarkable lake along with the high standard accommodation facilities, gave to the race the quality that is deserved to all participants. A Super Special Stage in the city center brought all the action in front of thousands of spectators. Special Stages had a total of 520km.

In 2019 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD was held for second year in the city of Kastoria. Main characteristic was the high level of competition and the massive participation in SSV (SXS) category. The high temperature in all four days of the event, made competitor's effort more difficult. The Super Special Stage in the city center was designed from the scratch and it had two spectacular jumps and a lot of fast corners. Race had a total of 510km of Special Stages.

In 2020 due to virus Covid-19 spread, RALLY GREECE OFFROAD edition was forced to be cancelled.

​In 2021 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD moved its Service Park to Argos Orestiko, a city next to Kastoria, which offers a spacious area with a lot of facilities. 56 Competitors started in all categories and it was one the most successful editions of the race. This year the race was part of Italian CCR Championship. Greek Minister of Sports was present for all 4 days of the event along with several other State officials. FIA Observer was also present to monitor the level of organization and to submit his report in order RALLY GREECE OFFROAD to become part of 2022 FIA calendar.

In 2022 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD was officialy part of FIA calendar, taking its position in CROSS COUNTRY BAJAS EUROPEAN CUP. With 71 participants in all categories. This year the race was again part of Italian CCR Championship. 2022 was also the year where the event presented the new H.Q. building next to Service Park area in Argos Orestiko of West Macedonia. A modern building designed specifically for the purpose of international motorsport events and offering 640sq.m. of facilities. 

In 2023 the 10th anniversary RALLY GREECE OFFROAD had it all ! A massive number of 84 competitors in FIA CROSS COUNTRY BAJAS EUROPEAN CUP and NATIONAL event, a challenging weather with rain, mud and partial fog as also a high level of organization. Argos Orestiko, the hosting city of the event, welcomed once again all Teams and for first time the opening and closing ceremonies were held in the central square of the city attracting a lot of spectators. 2023 RALLY GREECE OFFROAD was once again part of Italian CCR Championship with increased coefficient.

Your Smile is Our Success !
See You All There ! 
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