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During BAJA Greece, organizers are strongly concerned regarding environmental issues.

Protection of environment and nature are of first priority. Organizers are committed to continious improvement of environmental standards in compliance with FIA's sustainabiltiy program and with National laws.


Procedures, regulations and rules that govern this event take always in consideration impacts that may harm the environment.

In Rally Greece Offroad the following actions and regulations are implemented:

  • Printing is minimized to absolute essential. Organizers implement a digital management of the event so to reduce as much as possible the necessity of printing. Any documents are printed on FSC certified papers.

  • Waste management is conducted in Service Park area in order to enhance environmental awareness and facilitate waste collection according to local authorities procedures.

  • All Special Stages are conducted in areas that are approved and licensed by relevant authorities

  • Rally routes avoid to pass from territories of high envrironmental importance, such as National Parks, Protected Areas, etc.

  • Signs and Tapes that Organizers put in Special Stages are removed after the end of the race.

  • After the end of the race Organizers with the assistance of local authorities will repair any damages on gravel roads that may occur from the usage by competitors.

  • Any competitor wishing to race with a vehicle powered exclusively by electric or hybrid engine will be entitled to participate with reduced Entry Fee.

  • Obligatory use of tires for stage rallying, with treads that limit the damage caused to road surfaces.

  • Mud flaps are obligatory on rally cars to keep displaced gravel on the road surface.

  • Window film or laminated glasses are strongly advised on rally cars to minimise the spread of glass if there is an accident.

  • All competitors and Organization members will receive specific quidelines of how to avoid environmental pollution.

  • All Service Teams are obliged to use plastic grownds where rally cars are positioned for repairs and Park Ferme' area.

  • Refueling is strongly forbitten to Service Park area.

  • In Service Park area certain actions will take place in order to reduce pollution.​​


​Offroad racing respects environment.


Be part of our efforts !

Learn more about FIA Sustainabiltity Accreditation Program here.

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