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staff alekos.jpg
Clerk of the Course

Former Cross Country Rally competitor. He is considered the Greek Offroad "Guru".

From 2013 until 2017 he was responsible for the safety in Special Stages of Baja Greece.

In 2018 became the Clerk of the Course.

He speaks Greek and English.

President of
Attica Motorsport Club
& Race Logistics

Before, during and after the race he is responsible for race logistics.


During the race he is the man with Orga recovery car and he assures that in case of mechanical problem, all competition cars will return to Service Park from the Special Stages.

He speaks Greek, and English

Deputy Clerk of the Course

She  is responsible to assist CoC during the event.

She speaks Greek, English

staff marios.jpg
Roadbook Scouter

Former Cross Country Rally driver.


Responsible for Special Stages and driver of the opening car "0".


With his experience assists Organization to improve safety and limit hazards for competitors.

He speaks Greek, Italian and English

staff renato.jpg
Executive Advisor - Promoter

Former Cross Country Rally competitor, owner of "RTeam Ralliart Offroad Team Italy", passioned with racing.

He contributes in Baja Greece with his experience and at the same time promotes the event to foreign countries.

He speaks Italian and English

Assistant Baja Director

Responsible for race preparation, public relations and Competitors Relations Officer during the event . Also keeps all paperwork that is needed in order the race to run smoothly.

Christina also assists in race public relations.

She speaks Greek, Italian, Spanish and English

Stages Recce &
Service Park Assistant

Involved in Cross Country Rallies since 1985 as driver, co-driver, team manager. He  is responsible for Selective Stages recce and the organization of Service Park area.

He speaks Greek, English, Italian

staff ricky.jpg
Italian CCR Championship Promoter

Promoter of the event to italian market and responsible for logistics of competitors arriving from West Europe.

Involved in Baja Greece since 2013.

He speaks Italian and English

staff kostas.jpg
International Promoter

Former Cross Country Rally driver



Since 2013 he is involved in the promotion of Baja Greece, setting as objective to make it a respected international event.

From 2017 and onwards he is invited as advisor is several international events.

From 2021 is member of FIA Bajas and Cross Country Rallies Committee.

He is the man that you have to contact for further information about this race.

He speaks Greek, Italian and English


Competitors Relations Officer with massive knowledge of Sporting and Technical regulations of the discipline.

He speaks Italian and English

staff oikonomides.jpg

Kostas lives in Kastoria region and is responsible for the preparation of Selectives Stages and to ensure the safety by coordinating all safety volunteers.

​He speaks Greek, English

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