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Superfast Ferries discount offers for Rally Greece Offroad

Our trusty partner, Superfast Ferries, connects Italy with Greece with its modern ferries.

You may select from Italy Bari, Ancona, Venice ports and Igoumenitsa or Patra as destination ports in Greece.

Discounts for ferry bookings and for the period 12.5.2023 to 24.5.2023:

30% discount for passengers and private passenger vehicles (trailers not included).

15% discount for trucks and trailers.

Booking process:

1) For 30% discount (passengers and passenger vehicles) contact:

Superfast Call Center:

T: +30 210 89 19 200

Obligatory to refer to your email the "Order No: 23/336/Ο30/GPA "

2) For 15% discount (trucks and trailers) contact:

T: +30 210 89 19 710

Obligatory to refer to your email the "Order No: 23/337/015/GPA"

ATTENTION: Rally dates are considered as high season. A limited availability of tickets may occur. Book your ferry tickes the soonest possible.

Check for info updates at:

See You All in Greece!


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