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RBI "IRIS" Digital Roadbook and GPS Safety System

Dear Teams and Competitors, 

Organizers of 2024 Baja Greece present to you the brand-new technology of Digital Roadbook named “IRIS” delivered by RBI-Geotraq.

“IRIS” system fully complies with FIA NAV-GPS regulations but most important provides an upgraded and friendly experience to the co-drivers making their task simple as never before.

No external antennas, no complicated fitting process. “IRIS” system follows the principal “plug and play” by using a powerful software and sophisticated GPS module.

In 2024 Baja Greece the use of “IRIS” system is provided without any additional fee since the rental cost is included in Entry Fee.

A refundable deposit will be asked during administrative checks and/or the delivery of “IRIS” system as per Art.10.3 of Supplementary Regulations of Baja Greece.

In order Competitors to get familiar with the installation and operation of “IRIS” system a briefing is scheduled according to Art.3 of Supplementary Regulations, thus on Wednesday 22 May 10:00-10:30 hours. The presence of Competitors is not obligatory but is strongly recommended.

Competitors will have the opportunity to use by themselves “IRIS” system during Private Test session and Shakedown so to be fully ready for Prologue and Stages 1 and 2.

RBI-Geotraq representatives will be always at Competitors’ disposal for any further assistance.

Organizers reminds competitors that according to Art.11.8 of Supplementary Regulations, hardcopy roadbook will be delivered for Private Test session, Shakedown, Prologue, Stages 1 and 2 for the unlike circumstance of system failure.

If needed, an additional communication by Organizers will be given to competitors regarding “IRIS” system and hardcopy roadbook delivery.

Organizers reminds competitors that an additional GPS Safety system will be also delivered. This system named “ComBox” is also supplied by RBI-Geotraq and provides real-time surveillance of all competitors and in addition the function “car-to-car” communication for overtakes.

Competitors are advised to see Appendix 5 of Supplementary Regulations regarding installation and manual for “ComBox”.

Organizers of Baja Greece and RBI-Geotraq are joining their efforts so Competitors to enjoy the event by using a cutting-edge technology that upgrades safety and fun.

Our motto,

Safety, Traditional Greek Hospitality, Motorsport Spirit.


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