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Mud Flaps obligatory to all vehicles in all categories

‼ IMPORTANT NOTICE for all competitors in 10th Rally Greece Offroad.

Due to the type of Selective Stages surface, the use of Mud Flaps in all 4 wheels is obligatory for all vehicles in all categories (Raid-Regularity excluded).

Organizers took this decision with main objective the safety of spectators, competitors and anyone involved in the race. The obligatory presence of Mud Flaps is included in Supplementary Regulations. Please prepare your vehicles accordingly.

👉 From 14-18 of June Organizers are looking forward to welcome you in one of the three events that will take place!

1️⃣ FIA event valid for CC Bajas European Cup 😍

2️⃣ National event valid for Greek and Italian trophies 🤩

3️⃣ Raid-Regularity event open to any offroad vehicle 🥰

❗️ FIA event starts with free Private Tests.

Next day the menu has a Shakedown Stage of 5km and Prologue Stage of almost 20km.

⚔️The real fight restarts on Stage1 with 315km of Selective Stages and finishes with Stage 2 that includes 205km of stages. Total length of the FIA event is 840km.

⚠️ Important and not to forget > any FIA participant is welcomed to participate 👉for free👈 in +one more Stage (3) which is part of the national event with +100km of Selective Stages. Total length of National event is 1005km from which 640km are SS!

🇬🇷 See You All in Rally Greece Offroad


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