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May 12th. Last day of Low Entry Fee Period.

10th Rally Greece Offroad, 14-18 June, is closing fast and Organizers remind competitors and Teams that May 12th is the last day to register in Low Entry Fee Period for FIA and NATIONAL events.

This is a unique opportunity to participate in 10th Rally Greece Offroad which offers more than 500km of Selective Sections in FIA event and more than 600km in the NATIONAL one.

Don't forget that any FIA event competitor may participate for free in the 3rd Stage of the NATIONAL race, on Sunday 18th June

Rally Greece Offroad is the only european Baja where Selective Sections reach an altitude of almost 1950 meters by crossing the iconic and challenging roads of mountain "Vitsi".

Private Test session, Shakedown, GPS Safety system and Service Park 50sqm per competition vehicle are offered by Organizers without extra cost.

Send now your Entry Form at: and take advantage of Low Entry Fee Period.

Organizers are looking forward to welcome you in Greece!


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