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Important Communication. Limited seats are available in Entry List.

Organizers thank all competitors and Teams that already submitted their Entries so to participate in the anniversary 10th Rally Greece Offroad.

As result of the large number of incoming Entry Forms, Organizers inform that only 10 (ten) seats remain available so to achieve the maximum number of participants.

One of the most important priorities of the Organizing Committee is that Baja itinerary and time schedule on its day and on its Stage to be respected.

Respecting the Baja time schedule is first and foremost respect to competitors.

The Baja itinerary already submitted to FIA, Greek and Italian ASNs cannot function smoothly by having unlimited competitors.

Organizers invite whoever wishes to participate in 10th Rally Greece Offroad to send as soon as possible their Entry Form and get one of the last 10 remaining seats in Entry List.

Entry Form and other documents to be send can be found at:

See You All in Greece!


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