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Baja Director welcomes you

re-posted from Cross Country Rally NEWS

We are 10 days before the start of the 11th edition of Baja Greece and all members of Organizing Committee work on this ambitious project so to offer to competitors, media representatives, spectators and sponsors a world class event.

Baja Greece is for first time part of FIA World Baja Cup, replacing Italian Baja. It is considered a significant success for Greek motorsport and at the same moment we expect this to have huge impact on local community.

The center of the race is located in the city of “Argos Orestiko” in the region of Western Macedonia.

A brand-new HQ building of 650sqm is constructed specifically for Baja Greece next to Service Park area.

On the sporting part of the race, we try to offer as much as possible to the competitors.

So we have free access for Private Test, free Shakedown and a lot of amenities in Service Park such as free power supply and free car washing.

In this years’ event we provide a 560km of Selective Sections for a total itinerary of 820km. These numbers most probably placing Baja Greece as the longest and most challenging event of the season.

Just consider the fact that in W2RC of Portugal in last April the Selective Sections were 1035km run in 5 Stages while we introduce 560km in just 2 Stages.

Also we are proud to introduce the longest Selective Section ever run in Greece which will be 162km and is consisted from all types of terrain.

From fast “rally-style” parts to “Pikes-Peak” sections reaching 1900 meters altitude followed by twisty forest roads on the iconic mountain called “Vitsi”. For sure and regardless the classification, it will be a big achievement for the Teams to finish the race. It will require a good study of the itinerary and the implementation of a clever strategy.

As Organizers we have mobilized a significant number of resources so to provide the safety of the competitors in all Selective Sections.

2024 Baja Greece is also a milestone for Bajas and Cross Country Rallies since it will be used for first time the digital roadbook “IRIS” provided by our trusty partner GEOTRAQ. Along with the traditional GPS Safety system “ComBox” and the overtake function, we are confident that crews’ task will become easier.

Organizers of Baja Greece are looking forward to welcome all motorsport fans in an event that is famous for Safety, Motorsport Spirit and the traditional Greek hospitality.

See you all in Argos Orestiko 22-25 May.


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