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Accommodation Guide for Baja Greece

Argos Orestiko and the nearby city of Kastoria are famous as touristic destination and offer the exceptional traditional Greek hospitality.

😍 From 5 star hotels down to budget apartments, "Argos Orestiko" and Kastoria are ready to welcome you.

👉 Please note that May is a month where the touristic period in Greece is considered as "high season" so book your hotel as soon as possible and take advantage of discounted offers provided by local hotels.

👀 Check here for the process so to get your discount booking:

➡ BAJA Greece is the 2nd round of 2024 FIA World Baja Cup and the 1st one in European soil.

➡ A National event will take place in parallel to the FIA Baja so no excuse to miss it 😉

🏁With a total distance of 8️⃣1️⃣5️⃣km and Selective Sections reaching 5️⃣6️⃣0️⃣km, BAJA Greece once again confirms its reputation as one of the longest and most challenging event in the calendar.

‼️ 22-25 MAY.

✅ Save the dates and prepare to explore your limits in the iconic mountain "Vitsi"😍in Western Macedonia.

See you all in Greece 🏁


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