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Supplementary Regulations for National Events approved by Greek ASN-OMAE

Supplementary Regulations of the National Cross Country Rally Event are approved by Greek ASN-OMAE and now are available on official website:

Also available the following documents that are necessary to be submitted for Administrative Checks:

  1. Entry Form for National Events

  2. On Board Camera Form

  3. Safety Equipment Form

  4. Team List Form

The clock is ticking and Organizers are preparing the most challenging edition of Rally Greece Offroad.

Some crutial numbers for the National Event:

  • 3 Stages

  • 7 Selective Sections (+ prologue)

  • 997km total length of the rally

  • 639km total of Selective Stages

Entry Fee includes free access to:

  • Private Tests period

  • Shakedown

See You All in Greece!


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