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Reduced Entry Fee period closing dates

🏁Baja Greece 22-25 May

⚠Last days to register with reduced fees

For FIA World Baja Cup:

For National Baja Cup:

🇬🇷 Baja Greece is for first time part of World Baja Cup and the terrain is unknown to many drivers. The reputation of the Greek event as one of the longest and most demanding Bajas in European soil reveals a new challenge for Teams and drivers.

ℹ The 11th edition of the event has a compact formation with a total itinerary of 820km from which 560km are Selective Sections mainly run in the iconic mountain “Vitsi” and competitors are called to reach an altitude of almost 1900 meters.

😍 From flat land to mountain twisty roads, passing from dense beech forests and fast tracks in plateaus, with landscapes of incomparable beauty, Baja Greece in its debut to World Baja Cup reveals a new scenery to be conquered by the drivers.

🇬🇷 Besides the sporting part of the event, Baja Greece is famous for the traditional Greek hospitality “filoxenia” and the genuine motorsport spirit offering an unparallel atmosphere to all attendees.

🏁 See you all in Greece!

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