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Rally Guide of Baja Greece is published

Organizers of Baja Greece published the RALLY GUIDE (Version 1) for the upcoming event that will be held 22-25 of May in Western Macedonia and Argos Orestiko as hosting city.

Baja Greece is the 2nd round of FIA World Baja Cup and of National Baja Trophy.

RALLY GUIDE includes important information for FIA and NATIONAL events.

Teams, Competitors, Media-Press representatives and visitors are advised to read the RALLY GUIDE so to prepare in the best way their attendance to Baja Greece.

It is noted that RALLY GUIDE has no regulatory value.

Check here necessary documents for registration as also "must read" information.

Baja Greece once again confirms its reputation as one of the most challenging events of the season with a total itinerary of 820km from which 560km are Selective Sections reaching an altitude of almost 2000 meters on mountain "Vitsi".

So no excuse to miss it and to explore your limits!

See You All in Greece!

Download PDF • 3.89MB


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